A guide to yoga studios in Helsinki
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A guide to yoga studios in Helsinki

A decade into my yoga practice, I’ve decided to start teaching again in Helsinki. We have a lot of studios that offers multiple disciplines; Hot, in heated rooms, Vinyasa, for a dynamic spontaneous flow , Aerial, which is an anti-gravity play, Iyengar focuses on alignment and postural support and Yin for restorative therapy and rejuvenation. Gyms also offers yoga classes, easily making it the most popular mat-based practice in the city.


Yoga is breath in motion. It’s success is rooted on the meditative effect of the Asanas or poses, which helps bring a sense of calm and equanimity. It goes beyond fitness and is a total mind-body connection activity.


Here is a guide for your practice in the metropolis:

  • The most accessible studio in the city, Yoga Nordic has a class for every body. Their signature class is their Hot Yoga which is especially therapeutic as winter hits. I took Nicole’s Hot Vinyasa and I appreciated the total body workout coupled with the detoxing......

  • Iyengar is the gold standard of Yoga therapy and Purna Yoga makes it available to everyone with their modified approach. Purna yoga explores the practice of asanas outside the alignment and poses and brings in more soul by integrating meditation and breathe-work. In the intermediate......

  • OMG offers a holistic experience to the practice of yoga outside the studio through their Bali-vibe lifestyle cafe. Students are treated to a wide array of delectable plant-based smoothies and super bowls to compliment their wellness journey. This could be the best gate-way to mindful......

  • I’ve been practicing Ashtanga for 7 years and was thrilled to come across a studio in the hood that supports a more disciplined practice. Many are intimidated at the prospect of Ashtanga yoga but it is actually a good foundation for those just starting out......

  • Restorative yoga is increasingly becoming popular in Finland for recovery and therapy. Bloom Wellbeing, formerly Studio Yin offers a spa-like experience to attendees of their Yin Yoga classes, which is a gentle flow with a focus on restorative poses unlike the usual Yang-based Hatha Yoga......


Weizel Gulfan (www.weizelgulfan.com) is a Nutrition consultant and TV personality who also teaches yoga in Helsinki.


She is accredited by Dr. Collin Campbell of Cornell University in Plant-based Nutrition.

She runs the health coaching platform, Everyday Wellness for companies and individuals.


Get in touch for features and collaborations, follow her healthy recipes, expert diet advice, fitness demos and mindfulness tips on:


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