Corporate Wellness
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Corporate Wellness Program


Better nutrition through a series of engaging lectures and cooking demonstration.

Mental well-being through guided meditation as well as breathing exercises.

Functional movement classes and yoga therapy.

“Look after your team.
They’ll take care of Business.”

Why invest in your team’s well-being?

Increase Customer satisfaction


Employees who are happy with their jobs are more likely to go out of their way to serve a customer.


Meeting and even exceeding client expectations directly reflect on the company.

Drive-up productivity and see better results


Healthy staff are more likely to be mindful with their work and take better initiative leading to improved performance.

Better Team-play


Well-balanced employees are more open, less reactive and are better able to relate and work with others.

Attract and retain top talent


High-performing players are aware of their ever growing options here and abroad.


Keep and attract key assets for your team by creating a positive brand culture that effectively has programs to manage stress and increase fulfilment through wellbeing practices

Reduce health-care costs


Companies shoulder the health insurance of their employees.


When your team is well, they need less sick leaves as well as reduce their medical cost.

Make the most of the benefits


How aware is everyone of the Human Resource (HR) programs for employees and how engaged is your team with them?


Wellness activations supports existing HR efforts.

Our Process


Feel good food.

Healthier eating habits for
weight management, deeper sleep, more
energy, better digestion and nutrient

Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic movement for postural support.

To help manage lower back aches, frozen
shoulders as well as tight hip and


Guided meditation and breathing exercises for stress
management and restful sleep.

Everyday Wellness Activation

  • Demonstrations and Lectures

  • Expert private consultation

  • Access to our online classes

  • Community support through our Facebook group

  • Curated newsletters

Call: +358403238935

Everyday Wellness is a platform for better nutrition, active living and mindfulness.

Through wholefoods, we reduce risk for chronic diseases and improve the symptoms of existing illnesses.

With functional movement we ease discomfort that comes from sedentary living and poor posture as well as increase energy and promote feel-good hormones.

By practicing mindfulness , we are empowered to manage our thoughts and emotions thus being less likely to suffer anxiety,depression, frustration and discontent.