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Wake-up fresh and hit the ground with a smile on your face as our US-trained Health Coaches guide you on how to eat according to your body type and the season, what work-out fits best for your lifestyle, and ease you into a mindfulness practice to manage stress and anxiety.


Our Health coaching programs are expertly designed according to specific needs and are carefully put together to achieve the best results in the least amount of time. It is accessible and relatable to all level of health engagement.

Sexy Glow in 30 days : No dieting, exercise or supplement required

Breathe to belong: Root employee wellbeing in connection instead of performance

(Coming soon)


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    Everyday Wellness is a platform for better nutrition, active living and mindfulness.

    Through wholefoods, we reduce risk for chronic diseases and improve the symptoms of existing illnesses.

    With functional movement we ease discomfort that comes from sedentary living and poor posture as well as increase energy and promote feel-good hormones.

    By practicing mindfulness , we are empowered to manage our thoughts and emotions thus being less likely to suffer anxiety,depression, frustration and discontent.