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The most successful vegan burger chain in Finland originally started with a 95% meat-based menu, but eight months into their operation, they made a 180 degree turn to plant-based. Co- founder Passi Hassinen tells us his motivation for the complete turn-around was based on gut-feel alone. Insane? Most would think so, but a week after their transition, Bun2bun’s sale tripled and they received Venture Capitalist funding for multiple-branch expansion. Genius foresight? The former Michelin restaurant Chef credits it all to conscience; “We wanted to build a business that was part of the solution,” shares Passi, referring to the destructive impact of animal agriculture on the planet.

The ethical chain serves great burgers, which just so happens to be meat-free. Staff takes great pride whenever a customer would rave about how scrumptious their “beef” patties are even when it was completely devoid of animal by-products. Bun2bun is big on flavor, and small on their carbon foot print. As part of their commitment, they are now in the process of making their fries palm-oil free using organic potatoes. They are also the only burger joint to offer gluten-free patties, sweet potato fries and fresh salad adhering to the contemporary adage: Good for you, great for the animals and even better for the planet.


Bun2bun is expanding to more locations and is in the process of developing their own plant-based patties, further proving that good intentions and bold moves pays off.



Pursimiehenkatu 5
00150 Helsinki

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 11-22
Fri 11-23
Sat 12-22
Sun 12 -20

050 539 9499



E-level, Food Market
Urho Kekkonen katu 1
00100 Helsinki

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 11-21
Sat 11-22
Sun 12-19

050 4750 347



Shopping center Redi
Hermannin rantatie 5
00580 Helsinki

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 11-21
Sat 11-19
Sun 12-18

050 4750 351




Vaasankatu 13
00500 Helsinki

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 11-22
Sat 12-23
Sun 12-20

050 539 9466