Green Hippo
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Green Hippo

I had my first proper dining here after the lockdown as it was right around the corner of my modelling agency and have had many “first” in Green Hippo since. As a regular, I swear by their Brunch spread: Gluten-free pancakes that are so moist and fluffy I had to call Salla, the restaurant manager to make sure it was not wheat-based. Notably, the richest take on the Millennial staple, avocado toast and of course, a rainbow selection of smoothie bowls and green juices.


The food is hearty, the servings are generous and the pricing is fair and seeing as how I’m always running into the same suspects whenever I’m here, I’d say we all agree that Green Hippo has already earned a spot in our routine.


Although Brunch with the Girls will always be popular, their lunch menu of macro bowls come a fast second. I always just order the Zen Buddha Bowl which has quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, shredded purple cabbage, edamame, toasted chickpeas and three kinds of pureed dips on top just because it’s a perfectly balanced meal. Friends tell me their avocado pasta is a must and recently, I’ve been eyeing their tacos, but really I just have to agree with man behind, William von Der Pahlen when he said that Green Hippo is all about food you can enjoy, happens to be healthy and is reasonably priced enough to have many times over.









Hilbert the Hippo

Punavuorenkatu 2

00120, Helsinki


Opening hours from the 1.6 onwards

Mon-Thur: 07.30-22

Fri: 07.30-23

Sat: 09-23

Sun 09-17

Fri 19.6 – Sun 21.6 (Midsummer): Closed

Mon 22.6 Opening at 11.00.