Om Nam
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Om Nam



Annankatu 29B,



Suomi. Finland.

050 374 4045

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 11-15

Thursday – Friday 17-22.30

Saturday 12-22.30

+358 (0) 44 737 3355

A yogi’s hang-out, Om Nam sits across Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu and serves Ahimsa, (none-violence) on a plate.

I got to sample their weekend brunch specials and I was delighted to try a rich but still fresh take on chickpea-based omelette. The soy-feta added so much creaminess to the batter, the sunflower seeds made for good crunch and the surprise addition of fresh cranberries was a welcome tanginess that complimented the earthy flavours of the Spinach and spice of Parsley. The oat-based carrot cake after was richly topped with coconut whipped cream and I really enjoyed the kick of the grated ginger in between.

On Thursdays, lunch is East Indian favourite, Dosa Masala with a special array of seed pastes and freshly made bread. Om Nam also offers a dinner menu and ala carte options that celebrates seasonal, organic, plant-based produce and will be delivering to homes soon.