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As a raw chef myself, I was thrilled to discover that there is a restaurant in Helsinki dedicated to living foods. Raw cuisine means that they have not been heated over 60 degrees so that the live enzymes and micro nutrients don’t burn. Cooking in high-heat causes protein to be denatured which reduces its bio-availability. It is a healing diet that is recommended for a lot of auto-immune diseases and especially helps with skin and digestive issues, something that Ebba Aminoff lives by as it is what drew her into Raw herself.






She used to suffer from a pertinent skin issue and could find no relief from western medicine so she took a chance at changing the way she eats. She explored raw food and eventually got certified to teach and make it. Ebba creates work of art on every plate, which she said she takes particular care for as she wants to tease the eyes before she impresses the palate. I appreciate how her recipes are easy on the digestion as she sprouts all the nuts and seeds she uses and doesn’t over-do it with the sweeteners.

Raw and more is the most enjoyable way to eat the rainbow; you can have it as a pizza, wrap, cake or a lasagna. Her desserts are what everyone comes in for as they are so refreshing to indulge in but at the same time it hits the sweet spot just right. Her home-made cashew cream puts umami to her wraps, pizza and lasagna and her pesto and salsa which she generously spreads on top adds for a earthy-tangy contrast.




Ebba is known for her workshops and has been delivering door-to-door. Raw and more has also been supplying several restaurants in the area including Cafe Torpanranta, Cafe Papu, City Market Rohalati and Ekolo. They will also be available in Wolt soon. Private dining, catering and events are also offered.



Lauttasaarentie 4, 00200 Helsinki

Opening hours:

12 to 17:00

Tel. 010 581 7171