Bloom Wellbeing
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Bloom Wellbeing

Restorative yoga is increasingly becoming popular in Finland for recovery and therapy. Bloom Wellbeing, formerly Studio Yin offers a spa-like experience to attendees of their Yin Yoga classes, which is a gentle flow with a focus on restorative poses unlike the usual Yang-based Hatha Yoga that Ashtanga and Vinyasa is known for.

Coincidentally, Nicole is also the one teaching Yin classes here. She makes the students hold every pose for three to five minutes. She focuses on hip openers, twists and heart expansion. Affirmations are also given during the class. I was treated to a back and hip massage even which is always a welcome touch.

My favourite yoga teacher also prints inspirational quotes for students as a souvenir during Savasana.


Ureilukatu 5, 00250 Helsinki

Tel. No: 044 571 0111