Oh My Goodness (OMG)
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Oh My Goodness (OMG)

OMG offers a holistic experience to the practice of yoga outside the studio through their Bali-vibe lifestyle cafe. Students are treated to a wide array of delectable plant-based smoothies and super bowls to compliment their wellness journey. This could be the best gate-way to mindful living as their Vinyasa classes are well-suited for beginners and many of them are taught eloquently in Finnish. I got to try Marinka’s Vinyasa and it was a feel-good flow which was a good night-cap for me at that time.

I ordered their Vegan Cesar Salad and I have to say that it is the richest take on a classic I have tried , and I’ve been to the best places! Their Beet chocolate cake has just the right amount of sweetness which is interestingly complimented with a zing of ginger. It’s not supposed to, but it worked deliciously and is now my go to dessert when I want to be comforted but not feel guilty afterwards. I also like how their chia pudding is properly sprouted so that it properly hydrates instead of causing bloat and is generously topped with superfoods.

Every class in OMG is a treat as smoothies and bowls are just 5 Eu for students which is a refreshing indulgence to end a class.



Vaasankatu 14, 00500 Helsinki

Mobile No: +358 50 3007989

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