Yoga Therapy as reviewed by Metro.Style
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Yoga Therapy as reviewed by Metro.Style

It’s been over a year of sporadic and extended lockdowns and for most of us, work-from-home is the new normal.
Covid-19 inspired us to put up Our Everyday Wellness, a wellbeing-at-work company based in Finland that operates globally to support all of us who are struggling with the restrictions imposed during this pandemic.
One of our most successful activations is Movement Therapy, which is a 40-60 minutes restorative yoga session to ease the lower-back, release frozen shoulders, and stretch-out the hamstrings. It also includes a 10-15 minutes breath-led meditation to help with anxiety, loneliness and stress.

Practicing at least once has week has been shown to improve mobility, relieve muscle pain,
support better sleep and optimize digestion.

If 40 minutes is too much of a stretch for you, start with a shorter 10-minute program

that focuses on key exercises until you’re comfortable enough to build a longer practice.

Chair yoga is something we started introducing as a therapeutic quick break in-between working hours.

It’s success is rooted on not having to come down on a mat to do a stretch. Because the movements are easy as they are effective, it can easily be accessed remotely. Breaks are proven to increase productivity, and refresh focus when done intelligently and scheduled consistently.

Yoga at work is a gentle and effective practice to ease pain from sedentary living and support mental health. Because it is encouraged to practice as a group, it allows peers to re-connect with each other outside tasks and provides a healthy shared experience to bond over.

Weizel Gulfan is a certified nutritionist and yoga teacher based in Finland. She founded Our Everyday Wellness, a corporate wellness company to ease remote-work burn out and support wellbeing-at-work. Follow them in Instagram at @oureverydaywellness and Facebook at Our Everyday Wellness to learn how you can build feel-good healthier habits.


– Mariel Abanes, Metro. Style

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    Call: +358403238935

    Everyday Wellness is a platform for better nutrition, active living and mindfulness.

    Through wholefoods, we reduce risk for chronic diseases and improve the symptoms of existing illnesses.

    With functional movement we ease discomfort that comes from sedentary living and poor posture as well as increase energy and promote feel-good hormones.

    By practicing mindfulness , we are empowered to manage our thoughts and emotions thus being less likely to suffer anxiety,depression, frustration and discontent.